Thank you Lord

1 I come before You today,
And there’s just one thing, that I want to say
Thank You Lord (2)

For all You’ve given to me,
For all the blessings, that I cannot see
Thank You Lord – 2

With a grateful heart,
With a song of praise,
With an outstretched arm,
I will bless Your name…!
Thank You Lord
I just want to thank You Lord
Thank You Lord – 2

2 For all, You’ve done in my life
You took my darkness, and gave me Your light
Thank You Lord – 2

You took my sin, and my shame
You took my sickness, and healed all my pain
Thank You Lord – 2


(Lift Your voice, thank You Lord
All You’ve done in our lives, we just wanna say thank You Lord)
(O yes, we want to thank you Lord
Thank you Lord)

(Author: Don Moen; Album: Thank you Lord)

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