At the cross/Alas, And Did Saviour Bleed

1 Alas! And Did Saviour Bleed
And Did My Sov’reign Die
Would He Devote That Sacred Head
For Sinners Such As I

At The Cross, At The Cross
Where I First Saw The Light
And The Burden Of My Heart Rolled Away,
It Was There By Faith I Received My Sight
And Now I Am Happy All The Day

2 Was It For Crimes That I Have Done
He Groaned Upon The Tree
Amazing Pity, Grace Unknown,
And Love Beyond Degree

At The Cross, At The Cross… (Chorus)

3 Well Might The Sun In Darkness Hide
And Shut His Glories In
When Christ, The Mighty Maker Died
For Man The Creature’s Sin

At The Cross, At The Cross… (Chorus)

4 Thus Might I Hide My Blushing Face
While His Dear Cross Appears
Dissolve My Heart In Thankfulness,
And Melt Mine Eyes To Tears

At The Cross, At The Cross… (Chorus)

5 But Drops Of Grief Can Never Repay
The Debt Of Love I Owe
Here Lord, I Give Myself Away
‘Tis All That I Can Do…

At The Cross, At The Cross… (Chorus) X 2

(Written by Isaac Watts, Ralph Erskine Hudson)

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