For You I am Praying

1 I Have A Savior, He’s Pleading In Glory,
A Dear, Loving Savior, Tho’ Earth-friends Be Few;
And Now He Is Watching In Tenderness O’er Me:
And Oh, That My Savior Were Your Savior, Too!

For You I Am Praying, For You I Am Praying,
For You I Am Praying, I’m Praying For You.

2 I Have A Father; To Me He Has Given
A Hope For Eternity, Blessed And True;
And Soon Will He Call Me To Meet Him In Heaven,
But Oh, That He’d Let Me Bring You With Me, Too!

For You I Am Praying… (Refrain)

3 I Have A Robe: ’tis Resplendent In Whiteness,
Awaiting In Glory My Wondering View;
Oh, When I Receive It All Shining In Brightness,
Dear Friend, Could I See You Receiving One, Too!

For You I Am Praying… (Refrain)

4 When Jesus Has Found You, Tell Others The Story,
That My Loving Savior Is Your Savior Too;
Then Pray That Your Savior May Bring Them To Glory,
And Prayer Will Be Answered, ’twas Answered For You!

For You I Am Praying… (Refrain)

(Written by Samuel O’malley Cluff)

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