Everybody has to say their goodbyes

Everybody has to say their goodbyes
While they wipe away the tears from their eyes
Everybody bids a fonder farewell
When they know there won t be any sequel
Everybody says a Sayonara
When they know they won t be back tomorrow
Everybody hopes to have reunions
Back together with the ones they knew once

There s a salutation that s reserved for heaven s own

Hello again- we re back together
Hello again- we re here forever
Hello again- rejoined in heaven
Hello again

Everybody s gonna be there waiting
They just want to see you graduating
Gonna see the ones who ve gone before us
They ll be cheering in a mighty chorus
Everybody will be glad to see ya
Even if it wasn t their idea
Every argument will be forgotten
We remember them for now but not then

When we see each other there ll be just one thing to say

Say goodbye to the loneliness forever (Never be alone)
Say hello to the garden once again
Say goodbye to this world of stormy weather
Say hello to the One who calls you friend
I can t wait until we re reunited and we say


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