Everybody’s gonna have religion in glory,

Listen everybody cause I’m talking to you.
Jesus is the only one to carry you through.
Now you better get ready for I’m telling you why,
Jesus is a coming from His throne on high.
Many are weary and alone and sad,
They’re gonna wish they hadn’t done the things they had,
How’re you gonna feel about the things He’ll say
on that judgement day.

Everybody’s gonna have religion in glory,
Everbody’s gonna be singing that story,
Everybody’s gonna have a wonderful time up there,

(BASE) Oh, glory hallelujah!

Brother, there’s reckoning a coming in the morning,
Better get you ready cause I’m giving you warning,
Everbody’s gonna have a wonderful time up there.



Listen here my sister we’re not leaving you out.
You may not be a preacher but you sing and shout,
Whats the use to worry if you’ve been redeemed
cause Heavens even better than a miser dreamed..
Think about the trouble you could save some soul,
Tell them what to do to reach the shining goal,
surely you can show them how to find the Light,
make the whole thing right.

When the tribulations seem to darken the way,
Thats the time to get down on your knees and pray.
Everybody gonna have their troubles too,
Gotta be so careful bout the things we do.
We’re going down the valley, going one by one,
Gonna be rewarded for the things we’ve done.
When we get to heaven and the promised land,
Then we’ll understand.

Now get your Holy Bible in the back of the book,
The book of Revelation thats the place you must look,
If you understand it and you can if you try,
Jesus is a comin from His throne on high.
Readin in the Bible all the things that He said,
Said He was a comin back to raise the dead,
Are you gonna be among the chosen few,
Will you make it through.


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