1. Above All
  2. Abba Father, let me be
  3. Amazing Grace
  4. All Hail The Power Of Jesus’ Name
  5. All hail, King Jesus, All hail, Emmanuel,
  6. All to Jesus I surrender/ I surrender all
  7. All Creatures Of Our God And King
  8. All The Way My Savior Leads Me 
  9. Angels We Have Heard On High
  10. Arise- Don Moen
  11. Are You Washed In The Blood 
  12. As David did in Jehovah’s sight
  13. As The Deer Panteth
  14. At The Cross/ Alas And Did My Saviour Bleed
  15. At Calvary
  16. Away In A Manger 
  17. A Bulwark Never Failing 
  18. A broken spirit and a contrite
  19. A child of the king
  20. A child will come to
  21. A common love for each other
  22. A corner office was his dream
  23. A crown of many thorns
  24. A devil hobo walked into a house
  25. A garland formed from praise
  26. A frame so beautiful formed
  27. A generation who will not live an unholy life
  28. A humble heart and impassioned soul
  29. A love so amazing has come to save
  30. A love so undeserved
  31. A covenant keeping death defeating
  32. A debtor to mercy alone
  33. A great and mighty wonder
  34. A great debt I owed
  35. A joyful heart Is good medicine
  36. A King is born this day in Bethlehem
  37. A long time ago if you lived
  38. A love so strong it tears down walls
  39. A man had been an invalid for
  40. A man was heading for Jericho
  41. A master planned a special banquet
  42. A mighty fortress is our God
  43. A new anointing for a new day
  44. A new life, a passion a heart
  45. A pilgrim was I, and a-wandering
  46. A reckless love too wild
  47. A rich man, a farmer
  48. A rising generation
  49. A rabbit can hop around
  50. A new song I will sing
  51. A pearl always starts out
  52. A pure heart, that’s what I long for
  53. A powerful wind tore the mountains
  54. A new commandment
  55. A mind full of questions
  56. Ah ah We’re reaching out to
  57. Ain’t no rock Gonna cry in my place
  58. Ain’t gonna let no rock out praise me
  59. Ah, Lord God Thou hast made the heavens
  60. Ah keep coming Holy Spirit
  61. Again and again You have revealed
  62. After the dream You awoke me
  63. After I have done everything
  64. After all He s done for me,
  65. Adoration sweet adoration
  66. Across the earth, Your praises rise
  67. Above, beyond the mountain top
  68. Above the hills of time the Cross is gleaming
  69. Abide with me, fast falls the eventide
  70. Abba Father let me be
  71. Aband aband abandon ship
  72. Above the storms of life
  73. Above every other sound
  74. Above all powers
  75. Abba Father, we approach Thee
  76. I come before you today
  77. Abba Abba little lambs
  78. A-ha-lelujah A-ha-lelujah
  79. Aa aa Amazing
  80. A wonderful Saviour is Jesus my Lord
  81. A thousand times I’ve failed
  82. A thankful heart creates a thankful home
  83. A sound like a fire rings out
  84. A song of freedom is on my lips
  85. A silent call from a distant land
  86. A shout is in our hearts
  87. A Saviour on a hill
  88. A royal king, a crown of thorns
  89. All over the world the Spirit is moving
  90. All over this world
  91. All I have in this world
  92. All I have in this world is fire from above
  93. All I have, all I own
  94. All of your questions and all that
  95. All my hopes and all my dreams
  96. All my love You have all my love
  97. All my sins are gone
  98. All of creation in Heaven and earth
  99. All of heaven bursts with praise
  100. All of me Jesus you have all
  101. All of my hope is in You
  102. All of You is more than enough for
  103. All praise to Him who reigns above
  104. All stand applaud you father God
  105. All that I am I lay before you
  106. All that turns my eyes from You
  107. All that we are The weakness that prevails
  108. All the adoration And all the accolades
  109. All the earth cries holy holy
  110. All the earth, everyone
  111. All the glory all the honour
  112. All our hopes all our dreams
  113. All the heavens praise your
  114. All the lights Are shining brightly
  115. All the saints abiding with you
  116. All the poor and powerless
  117. All the days of my life
  118. All the saints and angels bow before
  119. All things Work together
  120. All things and beautiful
  121. All people that on earth do dwell
  122. All rise and give Him the glory
  123. All rise up; worship the King
  124. All that I am all that I have
  125. All that I am is Yours
  126. All that I want is to be
  127. All that is within me Lord will bless
  128. All the ends of the earth will
  129. All the idols speak deceit
  130. All the kings will bow
  131. All the wasted years all the many tears
  132. All the way my Saviour leads me
  133. All this pain I wonder if
  134. All to Jesus I surrender
  135. All for Christ All my days
  136. All of my love is a ribbon of scarlet
  137. All I am Lord, and I’ll ever be
  138. All I have and all I am I lay here
  139. All I have and all I am is Yours
  140. All glory to the king of ages
  141. All glory, laud and honour
  142. All hail King Jesus, All hail Emmanuel
  143. All hail the Lamb, Enthroned on high
  144. All heaven declares The glory of the risen Lord
  145. All honour, all glory All power to You
  146. All I am all I’ll be I surrender Lord my every hope
  147. All I am Lord here before You
  148. All for Jesus, all for Jesus
  149. All for love our Saviour came
  150. All glory all honour I give to You alone the Lamb
  151. All I need is You, Jesus, all I need is You
  152. All I need to know is He is Sovereign
  153. All I wanna do, I’m Your prisoner
  154. All my days to love you
  155. All my hands have made I’m laying down
  156. All my heart, all my soul
  157. All I have I give To You alone my King
  158. All I had left for Him was a wounded heart
  159. All my life, all my will, every day
  160. All my life, I’ve dreamed of this place
  161. All my sins are gone
  162. All of creation joins to sing Your praise
  163. All of heaven and all creation sing
  164. All of heaven bursts with praise
  165. All of my heart beats to impart
  166. All of my heart, all of my life
  167. All of my life I have lived within these
  168. All of my lifetime you have been
  169. All of the best-laid plans of mice and men
  170. All the earth shall worship You
  171. All our fathers saw in the days of old
  172. All God’s creatures got a place in the choir
  173. All heaven waits with bated breath
  174. All for love a Father gave For only love
  175. All for my Saviour Who reigns in glory
  176. All I long for, all I hope for Is found in You
  177. All I want is more of You Nothing I desire Lord
  178. All is well, in the hands of the God of Israel
  179. All I want all I want This world will call crazy











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