Christian Walk Carefully

1 Christian, Walk Carefully; Danger Is Near!
On In Thy Journey With Trembling Fear;
Snares From Without, And Temptations Within,
Seek To Entice Thee Once More Into Sin.
Christian, Walk Carefully – 3
Danger Is Near

2 Christian, Walk Cheerfully Through The Fierce Storm,
Dark Though The Sky With It’s Threats Of Alarm;
Soon Will The Clouds And The Tempest Be O’er,
Then With Thy Saviour Thou’lt Rest Evermore.
Christian, Walk Cheerfully – 3
Through The Fierce Storm.

3 Christian, Walk Prayerfully; Oft Wilt Thou Fall,
If Thou Forget On Thy Saviour To Call;
Safe Thou Shall Walk Through Each Trial And Care,
If Thou Art Clad In The Armour Of Prayer.
Christian, Walk Pray’rfully – 3
Fear Lest Thou Fall.

4 Christian, Walk Hopefully; Sorrow And Pain
Cease When The Haven Of Rest Thou Shalt Gain;
Then From The Lips Of The Judge, Thy Reward:
“Enter Thou Into The Joy Of Thy Lord.”
Christian, Walk Hopefully – 3
Rest Thou Shalt Gain.

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