Every plan that I ever schemed

Every plan that | ever schemed
Every wild dream | ever dreamed
And every miracle | tried to explain
| wanna give back to You

Every wrong turn on lonely roads
Every bad seed I’ve ever sowed
And every penny I’ve wasted in vain
| wanna give back to You

O God my Helper be my Shelter
When | am weak You are strong
God my Healer my Provider

Your mercy is all | am resting upon

Every tear that | ever wept

Every hard place | ever slept

And every old scar that justified hate
| wanna give back to You

Every day drinking brokeness

Every year in the wilderness

When You made all my twisted ways straight
| wanna give back to You

All the worship that | can give
Every hour that I’ve yet to live

And every good gift I’ll ever receive
| wanna give back to You


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