Give Me, Giving Heart

Give Me, Giving Heart, Leave Me Not
Strive Me, To Hurt You Not
Forgive Me Lord
Drive Me Towards Salvation
Move Me Forward To Perfection
You’re My Way, Life, Truth,
That’s What I Trust
My Life Is For You, This Is My Thirst

Throw Your Light On Me, With Lawful Word
Show Me How To Leave, This Sinful World
Lower Me Lord Down To Ground
Shower Me God With Love Abound
My Help Comes From You, O Redeemer
You’re My True Savior, Forever

Cleanse My Evil Heart, And Make Me Pure
Dense My Thoughts With You, And Draw Me Near
Cancel All My Sins Of Shame
Answer My Cry Upon Thy Name
Glory Glory King! King Of Kings
Holy Holy Lord! Lord Of Lords

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