Crown of Thorns

Since I saw His face 

I’ve never been the same

The holes in His hands and His feet,

Is the evidence of His goodness.

Down through the years 

He’s always been here

He leads me beside the still waters

He’ll always be near.


The crown of thorns upon His head

For me he died for me he bled

I’ve never seen a love like this,

The God who Was is the God who Is.

The truth of His love, 

Is found in His blood.

The holes in His hands, and His feet 

Is the evidence of His power.

(Chorus) The crown of thorns upon His head… X2

I know you’ll keep me

You’ll never let me down.

In every season,

Thank You Jesus

X 4

Thank You Jesus X8


YouTube Crown of Thorns – Ryan Chew ft. Asia Moore (Lyric Video) – YouTube

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